Suggestions welcomed!

I just wanted to let you guys know that suggestions are very much welcomed as to which bands I will try to understand the next time. Also, if you have suggestions of albums that you think would qualify into the Metal Monuments-category, please let me know in the comments-field.


  1. Immortal - Battles in the north

    1. I will take it into consideration.

  2. Here are some suggestions:

    Luciferion - Demonication.
    Marduk - Opus Nocturne
    Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence
    Unleashed - Shadows In The Deep.

  3. Tobias Nilsson22 August, 2012 17:21

    Well, now you've mentioned Lordi and Nightwish quite a lot of times, how about trying to understand them? They're both quite popular...

    Also, for the Monuments section, how about Otyg? Not a big band counting popularity, but I have a feeling you'd like it ;o)

    Finally, Paradise Lost - Draconian Times could fall into the Monuments section if you ask me, but as I know you aren't as fond of them as I am, maybe you'd rather place them in the Understanding section?

    1. Nightwish was a good suggestion, but I'm afraid that I have listened to them too much in the past so they may not qualify for that one. We'll see.

      Lordi. No thanks, that's too much for me + I wouldn't call them metal at all.

      Otyg I'm not so sure about either. Vintersorg has a record in there already :-P

      Paradise Lost is difficult as well. Draconian Times might be the only album with them that I really like, but it's too uneven (the first half is amazing) to fit into the Monuments.
      And as with Nightwish, I think I know them too well already. I've given them so many chances over the years. If I were to listen to one song each from every album they've done - I know that I could pick something I like from each...

    2. Tobias Nilsson24 August, 2012 16:41

      I took your reply as a challenge good sir, and this is what I came up with;

      Henrik tries to understand - Pain Of Salvation

      They have releaased several albums, they are recognised in what they do, and as far as I remember you have no greater knowledge of them, right?

      I also thought of Korpiklaani and Amon Amarth, mainly because I vaguely recall you not being terribly fond of either, but they may fall into the category of knowing them too well already...

      On the Monuments section; we haven't seen any MDB yet, that may be an idea?

    3. MDB will most definitely enter the Monuments section, I just haven't decided which album yet.

      Korpiklaani and (especially) Pain of Salvation are really good suggestions as well.
      Also, I'm still thinking of Nightwish - haven't decided yet. I would really like to try and understand them but since I know quite a few songs from their first 3 albums, it wouldn't really be fair.
      Amon Amarth I enjoy quite a few songs from, but they are very uneven on all of their albums - thus they wont fit into either category.

    4. But when I look at Korpiklaani, I see that they have released 8 albums during 10 years. And from what I've heard, there's not like they've changed their sound very much during those albums. So that might be too tiresome and too much alike I think.

  4. Tobias Nilsson24 August, 2012 18:57

    PoF would still be in the running then, they change their style quite a bit I believe. I only own the last two, but I'm told they are very different from the rest, and they change quite a bit even just between songs.

    An idea for MDB, which I would appreciate reading, was something similar to Tries to understand, where a favourite song was picked from each album.

    1. Yest, they are most definitely still considered. I got quite a few ideas now.

      That idea with MDB sounds really interesting as well - I could choose the really great ones, instead of the obvious ones that are considered classics.
      That means no Cry of Mankind and no A Kiss To Remember! (though they are still very good songs)