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Just felt the need to share that I purchased a couple of records today - and damn cheap too. All the albums were used copies but all of them was also in mint condition.

Borknagar - Quintessence (2000, Century Media)
I have no damn idea why this album always have been so damn difficult to find in Swedish webshops. And when I have found it, it has always been so much more expensive than any of the band's other albums. Weird.
But today I was super excited to finally find a digipak for only 60 SEK (roughly around 7 €) and I never once hesitated.

Cathedral - The VIIth Coming (2002, Dreamcatcher)
This is a band that I've never payed that much attention to, even though I dig a few of their older albums. But this one was so cheap (3.5 €) that I couldn't resist buying it.

Guns N' Roses - Gn'r Lies (1988, Geffen)
One of my old teenage-loves, this was the only album in their discography that I missed (no, I don't count "The Spaghetti Incident") and since this one also only cost me 3.5 €, you can imagine that I was pleased. I used to own this back in the days, but I did something incredibly stupid in the past and sold off a couple of albums. Apart from "Gn'r Lies", that also included stuff such as "Master of Puppets", some hard-to-find Refused albums, the first one from Rage Against the Machine and some other stuff that I've forgot.

I also found a very nice copy of the incredible Metal Monument "Turn Loose the Swans" by My Dying Bride on vinyl - the one with the grey-ish swan on the cover - but it would have cost me over 38 € and I sadly couldn't afford that today. It really aches in my fingers though, since I just found out that this re-release was only printed in 2000 copies and features the original artwork as well as new liner notes from founding member Andrew Craighan. I am dying to get this one asap!

And while on the subject of albums (big surprise in this blog aye?), I'm really psyched writing a rant about my collection in some way, but I'm not just sure exactly how to approach the subject. I'll just have to think about this one and get back to it in the (hopefully) near future.
Above is a very small part of my albums - check out the entire collection at Rate Your Music

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