Top-10 songs with a suicide theme

10. Cradle of Filth - Suicide and Other Comforts
from "Bitter Suites to Succubi" (2001)
In all honesty, not one of the best songs I've heard. But still it's ok.

9. Empyrium - Dying Brokenhearted
from "Where at Night the Woodgrouse Plays" (1999)
One of the least good songs from this album.

8. At the Gates - Suicide Nation
from "Slaughter of the Soul" (1995)
Great song from an absolutely classic album.

7. Metallica - Fade to Black
from "Ride the Lightning" (1984)
Classic semi-ballad from a classic album and a classic band.

6. Unanimated - Die Alone
from "Ancient God of Evil" (1995)
The second best song from this album. The best is higher up on this list.

5. Anathema - All Faith is Lost
from "All Faith is Lost" (1991)
Completely under produced demo-track back in the days when this band was all about doom and nothing else. I absolutely adore this one.

4. Tiamat - The Sleeping Beauty
from "Clouds" (1993)
Classic song from this band, although the lyrics kind of make you cringe.

3. My Dying Bride - Deeper Down
from "A Line of Deathless Kings" (2006)
Fitting, though quite pointless video. Great song though.

2. Candlemass - Solitude
from "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" (1986)
One of the greatest doom-metal classics ever done.

1. Unanimated - Life Demise
from "Ancient God of Evil" (1995)
Fuck me - I cannot stop listening to this amazing song! One of the best melodic black/death-metal songs ever made. Seriously!


  1. I also would have included "Excuse me, while I Kill myself" from Sentenced.