Graphic booklet and CD-mysteries, part 3. (D-E)

So this is basically where I go through my own CD-collection and take some photos of stuff that I consider weird, ugly, beautiful or just has to be dissected in one way or the other. I will try to focus more on the actual booklets, because there are tons of lists out there with just ugly album covers (although that's certain come up here as well). In other words, there wont be any vinyl-albums discussed here, nor will there be anything from In Flames or Opeth, because I don't own albums by those bands. I will more or less go through CD's random and see if there's anything interesting to be said about them.
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Let us begin with the swansong of Swedish death-thrashers Defleshed - namely the cover of "Reclaim the Beat". I read in some old interview when this album was just out, that one of the members (either guitarist Lars or vocalist/bassist Gustaf) was really impressed with the cover and described how he took a photo of some statue, but changed the colors to red in Photoshop so that it looked like the statue was hammering on something and the blood splashing all over.
Honestly, it really doesn't look that impressive dear Lars or Gustaf. Perhaps if you were skilled enough to change only the color of the water I would have raised an eyebrow or two. But even then, everyone can clearly see - despite it being red - that it is water, due to all the foam and stuff. The end result is just a very random cover that looks like if it's been released on Invasion Records. Oh wait, Defleshed actually was contracted to the infamous label once. Just look at the cover for their debut album if you don't believe me.

Next up, is some unknown band called Detriment. And no, I have absolutely no idea how their album "Surreal" found it's way into my CD-collection. I can't remember ever having heard the music, but let's be honest here - who in their right minds would actually want to listen to the music featured on a disc that looks like this?

It's a mish-mash of horrendous graphics (the skull, oh my god! The skull!) and a myriad of different fonts. Basically a prime example exactly on how not to do album designs. But I am very curious to know just how much design work this Devilbitch did after this one? I'm suspecting that he or she or the company didn't get that many job-offers after this one.

I really couldn't go through the D-section of my CD-collection without mentioning a single word about Dimmu Borgir, right? True, although there weren't as much to say about them as I first thought. But there is this one picture from "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" (1997) that I've always found really amusing.
It's like one of the guys suddenly thought; "Hey, there's five points to a pentagram and we are five guys in the band - let's do something with that!" And the end result is a classic corpse-painted mistake of colossal proportions. Still, if I turn my thoughts around the other way, there's something really heartfelt about this picture in a certain sense. I mean, I can't be the only one that actually misses classic mid-90's-Photoshop stuff like this?

Just like their British counterpart Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir at many points in their career chose to have a single photo of each band member (stating their name and occupation in the band) in their booklets. This is something that I really enjoy and in Dimmu Borgir's defense, I must say that I also enjoy their consistency of graphic design - just as the case was with Cradle of Filth. But the Filth actually did their job better than Dimmu (and not just in the graphic, but the music as well) which I really feel mirrors in the photos below.
Yeah, you can say what you want about the deformed arm holding Shagrath's head and what mushrooms they must have consumed whilst choosing the color of Silenoz' bathrobe. That's all passable in my opinion. What I find something to be an inconsistency in their graphic work is that each member has a little photo like this in the booklet of "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" (2001). Apart from these two, we also see Galder burning an angel, Mustis with a snake-face and Vortex with another guy coming out of his chest(!). And there's the case with the photo of drummer Nicholas Barker.
I'm sure that most Dimmu Borgir-fans are quite aware of the fact that the band's line-up at this time consisted of 5 guys living in Norway and one - namely Nicholas - residing in England. And is that the sole reason as to why nothing out of the ordinary happens in the "personal photo" of the drummer? I believe so. And when I take a closer look, I notice that the photo of Nicholas here actually is a crop-out of the only entire bandphoto there is the booklet. Hilarious! Couldn't they at least have Photoshopped something out of the ordinary in this photo? Apart from changing the background to a garage door that is...

So, apart from this boring (and very bad I might add) photo from a totally unreadable lyric in the booklet of Empyrium's "Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays" (1999) - that's all I have to offer this time. Hope you guys still follow this section of my blog. Cheers!


  1. A brilliant read....as always!!

  2. Ha, I've always had something with that DB pentagram photo as well! For me though, it's usually just laughing at Stian!
    Something that annoys me in this photo though (and DB aren't the only ones who have done this), is that Nagash is holding a gun. Archaic and fantastic weaponry I can understand, but something as simple as a firearm in the hands of someone in full corpse-paint and leather&spikes wardrobe have awlays looked wrong to me.

    1. True about the gun, which is really unfitting. And yeah, I could have taken a couple of laughs at Stian - but that would be cheap shots though ;-)

    2. Seconded about Stian... He seems pretty ridiculous :D