Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 3-1

I was quite intrigued and later inspired by AMG's excellent "From Worst to Best"-section he did with Iron Maiden, that I decided to the very same with some of the bands who's discography I am familiar with (more so than Maiden anyway). So this is my extremly personal "From Inferior to Prime" (since I assumed AMG copyrighted that other sentence. Anyway, I'm not the least ashamed to borrow stuff this blantantly. Also, I now linked to the guy's site twice, so he should actually be glad.

This is my personal From Inferior to Prime 3-1 feautring the pride of Portugal. 

#3. Extinct (2015)

1. Until We are no More (Breathe)
2. Extinct
3. Medusalem
4. Domina
5. The Last of Us
6. Malignia
7. Funeral Bloom
8. A Dying Breed
9. The Future Iis Dark
10. La Baphomette

This album was graced with the fourth spot on my top-list of 2015 and I actually don't know what else to say apart from what I already said:
This is essentially a pop-album written with distorted guitars and growls in mind, and what a masterstroke that was. The album flows along like a river and it is easy to see (and hear) that the band actually wrote songs with an entire album in mind, instead of just writing one or two songs and then fillers for the rest of the album.

Not much has changed since I wrote those lines about half a year ago and I still think that "Extinct" is a damn fine album and a huge leap forward since the tedious "Alpha Noir/Omega White". I do wish the band would take more risks in the future and perhaps dazzle us with a bit more variated song writing instead of the verse/chorus/verse-formula. I totally get why this album has that formula and like I said, this makes the album flow nicely. But remember when the band wrote unexpected twists and turns in their music? Remember songs such as "Tenebrarum Oratorium I", "Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)", "Vampiria", "An Erotic Alchemy", "Opium", "Abysmo" and "Magdalene"? Not a single chorus to be found on any of those and they're all amazing songs.


#2. Sin/Pecado (1998)

1. Slow Down
2. Handmade God
3. 2econd Skin
4. abYsmo
5. Flesh
6. Magdalene
7. Vulture Culture (Gloria Domini)
8. Eurotica
9. Mute
10. deKadance
11. Let the Children Cum To Me...
12. The Hanged Man
13. 13

Fresh off from the success of "Irreligious" (1996), Moonspell probably felt that they stood before a lot of choices. Continue along the path they set with "Wolfheart" (1995) and explored further on "Irreligious"? Or do something different alltogether? The answer was the latter and even though I sometimes mourn this decision and wish they would have made Irreligious part II, the result wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was better than "Irreligious".

I assume that placing this album as my #2 favourite Moonspell-album is the biggest "shocker" on this list. It was their first album that barely had any growls at all (just a small part on "2econd Skin"), a much slower tempo, a lot less "black" and lot more "gothic" in the music overall. Still, what "Sin/Pecado" lacks in aggression, it gains from production-values, atmosphere and warmth. And while some songs such as "Handmade God", "Magdalene" and "Mute" follows a quite "safe" path in the song-writing department this does not mean less quality or more pop-like. OK, sometimes it borders on pop-music but it is done with so much confidence and skill that one seldom cares. When they do go into more diverse territories on songs like "Vulture Culture", "Dekadance", "Let the Children Cum to Me..." it's a wonder for the ears.

I really enjoy "Sin/Pecado" for what it is. Maybe I am a bit biased since I discovered and started listen to the band right after the release of "Irreligious", meaning I have listened to this album a lot and have fond memories from it. Even if that's the case, this is a great album that no Moonspell-fan should shun because of it's more "mellow" direction. Though nowhere near threatening the #1-spot in Moonspell's discography, it is an outstanding acchievement and an album that has no problems living up to the band's name.


#1. Wolfheart (1995)

1. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
2. Love Crimes
3. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
4. Lua D'Inverno
5. Trebraruna
6. Vampiria
7. An Erotic Alchemy
8. Alma Mater
9. Ataegina

You all saw it coming I suppose. The debut album from Moonspell is (and will probably always be) their crowning jewel. The sad part is that they will probably never manage to make something like this again. I guess the combination of youth and timing was what this album needed in the first place. It is an outstanding achievement that it is their debut album and that there's not one lackluster moment on the entire album. From the epic opener "Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)" to the bonus track "Ataegina" this album is the perfect combination of black- doom- goth- and folk-metal. It is as simple as that.

If you think that I didn't go deep enough on the details, rest assured that I will do something more in-depth on this album in the future - that is a promise.

So here ends my first From Inferior to Prime-section. Next up in this section will either be My Dying Bride, Tiamat or Borknagar. I'm also tempted of doing something on Metallica, which I (to my recollection) never wrote anything about on this blog.


Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 12-10
Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 9-7
Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 6-4

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