About Metal Monuments

Monuments in metal - that's what this page is all about. Some call certain records "classics" or "epic masterpieces", whereas I've have chosen to call them Metal Monuments - it's as simple as that. And this is the place where I gather and review those records - song by song - and ultimately give them the score that I think they deserve. Some people have even called Metal Monuments for "Album walkthroughs" or "Album spoilers" which I find quite cute.

I also write more standard reviews of some records that I find intriguing and while those also will receive a final score - these reviews might be shorter or longer depending on how I feel.

There are also other sections such as Henrik tries to understand... - where I sit down and thoroughly listen to a band that haven't hooked me yet and Henrik lectures in... - where I select a few of my favorite tracks from some of my favorite bands and present them to you. And of course, the mandatory top-list of the current year.

  • Some people tend to think that this is some sort of webzine. It is not. It is a place where I (a single person) write, discuss, analyze and review music.
  • I don't get any money for doing this.
  • I don't get any albums sent to me for reviewing. I don't want to either.
  • I am not doing this to become "popular" or anything like that. I just have (well, sometimes) an urge to write about music.
  • Since I am Swedish, my English grammar, spelling etc. is most definitely not 100% accurate, nor do I claim it to be. I try my best though, even though I sometimes gets a bit too carried away or turn words and/or sentences into "Swenglish". You are more than welcome to correct me and perhaps I just might edit something as well. You don't get a prize though. 
  • Also, it is quite pointless to mock my spelling and/or grammar when something is wrong. You can do it, but you won't provoke me.

This is me
Name: Henrik
Location: Malmo, Sweden
Background: Born in 1981. Started listen to metal in the late 80's.
Favorite bands: Lots of them, but the one's I always keep coming back to are Vintersorg, My Dying Bride, Dia Psalma, Guns N' Roses, Arckanum, Empyrium and Arcturus.
5 albums that changed my life: 
Guns N' Roses - "Appetite For Destruction" (1987)
Metallica - "...And Justice For All" (1988)
My Dying Bride - "Turn Loose The Swans" (1993)
Therion - "Theli" (1996)
Vintersorg - "Ödemarkens Son" (1999)